Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Comforters: Transplants

I first met the Comforters when they opened for me at a house concert in Eugene, Oregon in 2006. The group is comprised of Pia and Jason; a laid back married couple that tours around playing music. The first thing you notice is Pia's voice, which is extremely comforting and perfect for lullabies, thus their name. The music is also very mellow and perfect for being lazy and listening to music.

On their album, "Transplants", The Comforters fill out their sound with perfectly placed harmonies and guitar solos. And they seem to really start getting "comfortable" on the third track of the album with "Saturday Night" which is a sweetly sad ballad: something The Comforters do best. I like them the most when they bravely keep the music quiet, soft, and so slow it's almost still.

My favorite song by far, is the fourth song, "The Call", which provides a dramatic contrast to the rest of the album. The style is still mellow and soft, but subtly tragic. The various guitars and simple drum work create a wide-open and ominous sound. And the lyrics make me think of a long time secret that is just starting to surface. The feeling is that of impending doom mixed with a hope for freedom, or innocence with a dark past. Very cool....

I'd say this is my favorite album I've reviewed so far on Ultra Indie. Please check it out.