Thursday, December 6, 2007

Soulganic: All Directions Forward

The first time I heard Soulganic's music I thought to myself ", hey those are great female vocals!" I looked around their website trying to find the lead singer. After reading the bios of every musician on the page I was a little frustrated. I could not find a description of this singer. All that was listed was a bio for a lead singer, Anthony Rodriguez. Obviously I was missing something. It suddenly occurred to me that perhaps it was a man singing! I listened to the track again with a more open mind and decided it was possible. So I emailed Mr. Rodriguez and he confirmed it himself.

Now that I know it's a man I can't really picture anyone else. His voice is extremely reminiscent of Michael Jackson. But the music is worlds away from that genre. We're looking at soul/R&B here folks. The first track on the album sounds straight out of the movie, "Jackie Brown".

Every track has a new groove and the same impressive vocals. But there is also enough variety to keep things new and fresh throughout the album. Track three, "If I Could Forget You", goes into a lush and organic flamenco guitar solo toward the end. And the following track is a smooth and heavy blues song.

This band is groovy, solid and original. I highly recommend checking it out for yourself.