Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kenny Schick: Under

This is one of those albums that had my ears instantly perk up. And it hasn't let me down since the first listen. Inspired by a spontaneous trip to Australia, Kenny Schick's album, "Under", paints landscapes from the other side of the world. With its wide-open sound, use of tight harmonies, and rhythmic anecdotes, the feeling this album gives me is of pure freedom. Kenny's airy voice and sensitive guitar work lay delicately in the center of the songs.

It's hard for me to choose which songs are my favorites. I really enjoy "Summer". And it could be that this is where the female harmonies come in and really start to shine. The lyrics speak to me with nostalgia and longing:

"Summer was fine
but summer came and went
one more time
now leaves are falling all around
still I'm not found"

The song following this one, "Revelator", is another one of my picks. It's actually a Gillian Welch song that I've never heard before. But Kenny's version is divine. The use of female harmonies and percussion are perfect.

But really all the songs on this album are excellent. Just when I thought I was about to wrap up this review, his song, "Rain", started playing. And I thought, "Maybe this one is my favorite?" So there you go. If you are a fan of honest sounding, acoustic folk-inspired rock with lovely harmonies then you will love this album.


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Stephen said...

I love this album, and Kenny is a fantastic performer as well. If he comes to your town, don't miss it!